Beili Ddol is a large Welsh, mixed livestock farm, approved by Farm Assured Welsh Livestock (FAWL), consisting of Welsh Black and commercial cattle, Improved Welsh, Beulah and cross bred sheep.

Sample MealThe farm is situated in the uplands of the Welsh hills overlooking the glorious views of the Elan Valley. The farm is managed in a Welsh Environmental Stewardship Scheme – Tir Gofal, with the livestock grazing on much of the habitat the farm has to offer, rising 1600 feet above sea level where the wind is strong, the air is clean and the grass is fresh!

Beili Ddol Foods is a new venture, giving the public the opportunity to purchase our  meat, directly off the farm (and should you wish) delivered to your doorstep by a refrigerated courier service. Alternatively, you can come and visit us at any time to collect your meat and have a look for yourself at the breath taking views and take in the magical scenery of our beautiful countryside.

Beili Ddol Foods has a wide selection of succulent beef hampers and mouth-watering lamb to offer. 

We can cater for all your needs, whether its just the two of you or it`s the whole family.

Barbeque hampers are also available for those hot summer nights to entertain your family and friends.

Not only do we provide a box scheme but you can also order meat to your individual requirements which is always subject to availability. Whilst we endeavour to fulfil every order instantly, please give us as much notice as possible for large orders. However, if you do not want a box full entirely of one type of meat, we can mix and match to your needs e.g. a selection of lamb & beef. 

Why is our meat better? 

  • Low food miles – our produce is killed, cut & packed locally
  • Minimal stress levels for the animals from travelling resulting in more delicious meat
  • Animals are treated with care and respect
  • Full traceability of all animals
  • The beef & lamb is reared on the farm from a young age to the highest health status
  • The animals have been feed on nutritious, wholesome food, giving them the healthiest start in life
  • Our meat comes vacuum packed, which leaves the meat fresher for longer, it stops the juices from escaping so the meat is more succulent, it doesn`t take up much room in your freezer and it`s clean & easy to handle
  • The meat is matured for up to 21 days which allows rich flavours to develop so the meat doesn`t become tough and flavourless
  • Delicious taste
  • Sensibly priced
  • Can be delivered to your door