We always have a variety of quality livestock for sale. 

During April and May we sell 'couples' these comprise of Crossbred ewes with either Suffolk or Texel lambs at foot.

From September onwards we sell all surplus Welsh ewe lambs from our flock, these are mainly the Llandovery type Welsh but we do have some hardier types bred for the hill.

In early October we sell a large consignment of Welsh Mule ewe lambs through the second Society sale at Welshpool Livestock Market this is followed a week later by the Multi Breed Sale, the remainder of all our Welsh Mule ewe lambs are either retained for breeding or sold at home.

During December and January there are always inlamb ewes available.

Belguim Blue and Limousin Cross steers and heifers are also available for sale privately at home.

We keep Kelpie and Kelpie x Collie dogs at Beili Ddol.  Each dog we keep is used for a different job on the farm. 

The Kelpie x Collies are used on wide open spaces such as the hills whilst gathering.  The older dogs know the bounderies and gather the ravines where the quad bikes dare not go.  We favour the cross bred dogs as they have the stamina of the Kelpie but the eye of the Collie.

The Kelpie dogs come into their own whilst drafting sheep and also having to catch in wide open spaces, their speed and agility is second to none.

We have one Kelpie bitch that we breed from once a year, these pups are for sale. 

Contact us for availability.